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Processing of:

Koorteh Ltd. specializes in the processing of cylinder heads,
blocks, piston rods, valves, automobile parts, stratification of
aluminum, copper, zinc, argon welding.

Manufactures gear sets with straight and oblique teeth.

The engineering business is focused on design and manufacturing
of non-standart equipment for automotive workshops.

Trading with stainless steel - wide range of profiles, tubes, sheets.

Now the company expands its business and for the first time in Bulgaria
offers conversion of any car into all electric vehicle (EV)

Manufactures all the necessary mechanical elements for conversion.
Supplier of controllers, batteries and other parts for electric vehicles (EV).

- automobile parts
- cylinder heads
- blocks
- valves
- piston rods

Stratification of:

- aluminum
- zinc
- copper
Stainless steel
Hydraulic presses
Hydrogen cells
Electric Vehicles
Batteries for EV
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